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Judische Schulzeitung Judische Schulzeitung Judische Schulzeitung Judische Schulzeitung


Judische Schulzeitung: Monatsschrift fur Erziehung, Unterricht und Schulpolitik
(Trans. Jewish school newspaper: Journal of Education, education and education policy)
From the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

The Judische Schultzeitung (Jewish school newspaper) was an organ of the Union of Jewish Teachers’ Associations that was founded in Germany in 1926 to address the moral and material interests of the Jewish school and its teachers. The Judische Schultzeitung was published as part of the Blatter fur Erziehung und Unterricht (a periodical for education and teaching), which itself was a supplement of the Israelitisches Familienblatt (Israelite family periodical) - a weekly newspaper produced in Hamburg and then Berlin. The Judische Schultzeitung, which first appeared in 1925 in Hamburg under the editorship of Moris Meyer Steinhardt (1864-1940), provided articles that focused on education, teaching and school policies. Its editor from November 1933, Siegfried Braun, changed the Gothic German typeface to a more modern font but maintained its didactic purpose under the shadow of the Nazi regime until its last issue in November 1938.