Home of Gov. Pedro Menéndez Marquez

Home of Gov. Pedro Menéndez Marquez
From Albert Manucy Sixteenth-Century St. Augustine: The People and Their Homes University Press of Florida
F319.S2 M34 1997
P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Special & Area Studies Collections, University of Florida

Manucy drew the eastern elevation and floor plans for the home of Gov. Pedro Menéndez Marquez, who served 1577-1594, based in part on the Laws of Indies, the Spanish Crown’s ordinances regarding the planning of colonial towns. The residence was situated on a lot conforming to the laws requiring a colonial town’s principal buildings to face the central plaza. This home predates the Governor’s home on the present site by a few years, but Manucy speculates that the plan would not be too different.


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