Howard Academy. July 20, 2018. Image courtesy of Diedre Houchen.

Edward D. Davis Message from the President, FSTA Bulletin.
November 1937.

N.W. Griffin Message from the President, FSTA Bulletin.
February 1939.

In 1937, a group of bold leaders from the Florida State Teachers Association (FSTA) met secretly one night. They were at Howard Academy in Ocala to formulate a movement for educational justice that included equal spending and equalizing teacher salaries for White and Black schools.

Who were these brave educators who risked so much?

Edward D. Davis, principal of Howard Academy and FSTA President
Harry T. Moore, president of the Brevard County branch of the FSTA
Noah Griffin, principal of Gibbs High School (St. Petersburg, FL)
Dr. Gilbert Porter, principal of Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, FL) and soon-to-be FSTA Executive Secretary
John Gilbert, principal of Cocoa Jr. High School, who volunteered as plaintiff for the first teacher salary equalization case in the state. Gilbert was fired before the case ever went to trial.