El Mundo front page, February 24, 1936

El Mundo covered the most significant events of Puerto Rico during the 20th Century. Between 1925 -1938 the circulation multiplied by threefold peaking at 33,800 copies. It outsold its closest rival, El Imparcial, and became the most important newspaper in circulation and reliability.  This exhibit explores the years from 1936-1939 which represent a key primary source to study the:


          • Radical turn of the Nationalist Party and resulting political tensions

          • Downfall of the traditional parties such as the Partido Liberal, the Partido Republicano and the Partido Socialista

          • Emergence of Luis Muñoz Marín and the Partido Popular Democrático - a new leader and a new party that would provoke a

            complete turnover in Puerto Rican history and society.




This exhibition is a collaboration between the University of Puerto Rico Libraries, the George A. Smathers Libraries, the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and the Latin American Research Resources Project (LARRP).