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Frankfurter Aus Vergilbten Akten Der Schild Judisches Jahrbuch

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Jewish Life in Germany in the early 1930s

The scarce materials gathered here from early 1930s Germany cover some of the major centers of Jewish life before the Second World War, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn, Dresden, Chemnitz and Plauen. Displayed here are two Jewish community newsletters from Berlin and Frankfurt, a community festschrift from Bonn and a community yearbook covering Dresden, Chemnitz and Plauen. These items are not only of immense importance for their contents (which include articles by leading Jewish figures, historical accounts, photographs, lists and statistics), they are also of great interest as objects in their own right. Both the festschrift and yearbook were items that survived Nazi destruction and were distributed to the United States through the Offenbach Archival Depot. The Berlin newsletter was once owned or used by Bertha Falkenberg — a well-known advocate of women’s rights, and a great supporter and welfare provider to the beleaguered Jewish community during the Second World War.