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Past Exhibits

Collateral materials from past exhibits, such as catalogs, posters, installation photographs, and object lists are available in the Exhibit Materials Collection within the UF Digital Collections.

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Racism, Representation, and Resistance in Children’s Literature 1800 – 2015
Smathers Library Grand Reading Room
August 13, 2018 - October 5, 2018

Tree illustration Racism, Representation, and Resistance explores the long history of racism in children’s literature by examining the dehumanization and colonization of people of color, primarily Africans and African Americans. It also explores how self-representational children’s books by African American authors resisted and subverted racist ideologies.

Curated by Suzan Alteri, Stephanie Birch, and Dr. Hélène Huet


Imagining the Classical World: Greece and Rome through the Centuries
Smathers Library Gallery
June 18, 2018 - August 3, 2018

Top of a Greek column Imagining the Classical World explores how the ideas of ancient Greece and Rome have been visually communicated since the Renaissance.

Curated by Jessica Aberle and Megan Daly



From Generation to Generation: Gainesville Remembers the Holocaust
Smathers Library Lobby
April 9, 2018 - June 29, 2018

Portrait of two young men, Holocaust survivors This community-inspired exhibition explores how the Holocaust is remembered and memorialized by the residents of Gainesville, Florida. The exhibit offers a glimpse into the daily lives of European Jews in the pre-war period, provides personal insights into their experiences during WWII and the Holocaust, and illustrates their varied attempts to re-build their lives.

Curated by Rebecca Jefferson and Katalin Rac


30 Years of Conservation in the Libraries
Smathers Library Gallery
April 9, 2018 - June 8, 2018

woman's hands working Celebrating 30 years of the Smathers Libraries Preservation Department, this exhibition highlights the differences between preservation and conservation and the many ways Smathers staff have helped collections last.

Curated by Fletcher Durant


Then and Now: Celebrating African American contributions in STEAM
Marston Science Library, 2nd Floor
March 16, 2018 - May 7, 2018

portrait of Edward Alexander Bouchet Then and Now: Celebrating African American contributions in STEAM showcases some of the lesser-known, “unseen”, but significant research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) by African Americans.

Curated by Joe Aufmuth and Melody Royster


University of Florida Yearbooks
Smathers Library Lobby
March 2, 2018 - April 2, 2018

1919 cover of UF yearbook Highlighting the history of the UF yearbooks. The first yearbook, The Seminole, was published from 1910 until 1973. In 1983, it was renamed THe Tower. The last University of Florida yearbook was published in 2007.

Curated by Peggy McBride


José Revueltas: Literary and Political Duality
Latin American & Caribbean Collections, Smathers Library 3rd floor
February 16, 2018 - May 11, 2018

illustration of orange orchid To read José Revueltas is to approach one of Mexico’s most talented and politically involved authors of the twentieth century. His novels reflect an intriguing mind, dedicated to improving societal conditions in Mexico through literature. The bilingual exhibit includes signed copies of some of Revueltas most notable works.

Curated by Margarita Vargas-Betancourt


Visualizing the Natural World
Smathers Library Gallery
February 9, 2018 - March 30, 2018

illustration of orange orchid How we talk about nature reveals the place we claim in the world. Visualizing the Natural World encapsulates ways of knowing through the eyes of scientists and their work.

Curated by Haven Hawley, Valrie Minson, and Sam Huang


Florida Tourism | Sunshine and Shadows
Smathers Library Gallery
October 13 - December 14, 2017

Map of Florida Florida Tourism examines the social and racial inequities of tourism in Florida. It looks at the period of growth and increasing access to Florida vacations from the late 19th century until the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971. The exhibition is drawn mostly from Smathers Libraries Special and Area Studies Collections, including tourist photographs, brochures, postcards, and souvenirs.

Developed as part of the graduate Exhibitions Seminar in Museum Studies.


Bob Campbell's Photographs of Dian Fossey's Karisoke Research Center, 1968 - 1972
Smathers Library Lobby
September 18, 2017 – February 9, 2018

Infant Gorilla Eating BerriesAn exhibit of 30 photographic reproductions from Bob Campbell's original slides. The photographs feature Dian Fossey, the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, neighboring peoples, and mountain gorillas.

Curated by Dan Reboussin and Richard Freeman with assistance from Riley Ravary


Between Two Oceans
Albert H. Nahmad Panama Canal Gallery, Smathers Library 1st Floor
April 1, 2017 - February 17, 2018

A ship between the locks of the Panama CanalAn overview of the first 100 years of the Panama Canal as collected by those who devoted their livelihoods to this waterway.

Curated by Elizabeth A. Bouton



Marjorie Strode Coffey: Legacy of a Creative Life
Smathers Library Lobby
March 15 – May 12, 2017

The exhibition features the personal artwork of Marjorie Strode Coffey in tandem with the objects funded by her endowment - new acquisiotions for the Book Arts Collection and artists' books created during the 2015 and 2016 Coffey Residencies.

Curated by Ellen Knudson and Ann Lindell


The Cuban American Dream
Smathers Library Gallery
March 27 – June 2, 2017

airplane silhouette The Cuban American Dream explores the reasons behind the immigration of Cubans to Florida from the 16th to the 21st century, the pressure that such immigration brought to local and state governments, the reactions of Floridian communities to Cuban immigrants, the ways in which Cuban immigrants adapted to their new reality, and the contribution of Cuban immigration to Florida.

Curated by Margarita Vargas-Betancourt with assistance from Alexis Baldacci

Read the interpretive labels in English or Spanish


Beetle | Book | Bark
Smathers Library Gallery
January 9 – March 10, 2017

Beetle | Book | Bark, reflects upon the beetles themselves, their destructive capacity, and the art they unintentionally create. It includes original works of art that incorporate large-scale, high-resolution images of the beetles juxtaposed with their three dimensional habitats and rare volumes featuring stylized and scientific representations of bark beetles, displaying how the concepts such as scientific accuracy, imagination, and design evolved through the ages.

Curated by Jiri Hulcr and John Nemmers