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Dr. Karen Anne Bjorndal


Dr. Karen Anne Bjorndal is Director of the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research (ACCSTR) and a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Florida. Her research focuses on nutritional ecology and the biology of sea turtles. In studying the role of sea turtles in marine ecosystems, she also studies changes in ecosystems as a result of the drastic declines in sea turtle populations.


Dr. Bjorndal leads efforts at the ACCSTR to: “conduct research in all aspects of the biology of sea turtles, to educate students, and to further marine conservation through the communication of these research results to the scientific community, management agencies, and conservation organizations throughout the world.” Included here is the volume she edited, Research and Management Techniques for the Conservation of Sea Turtles. The co-investigator network diagram shows her research impact for building and sustaining a vibrant community of practice engaged on sea turtle research.


Karen L. Eckert, Karen A. Bjorndal,

F. Alberto Abreu-Grobois, M. Donnelly

Research and Management Techniques for the Conservation of Sea Turtles




Karen Anne Bjorndal

Co-Investigator Network